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Attorney Long Beach since 1991. Been around the courthouses for a while now so we definitely have the experience, Also can Inform you of your possible solutions.

Law offices R.M Anthony Cosio has been here for our clients for decades. In fact, clients call the same local number they've been calling for trusted legal advice in California.  They know that whatever legal issue they face, from a review of a simple will, assistance with probate court or a California DUI or Traffic Ticket to the need for felony criminal defense attorneys or a serious personal injury, clients can rely on sound advice and help from our experienced attorneys.  We're proud to have long-standing relationships with many clients we've represented for decades.

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When you have a legal problem, your legal issue centers around one issue - you. How your life will be affected and the approach your attorney takes must be focused on an understanding of how your life will be affected.  A California DUI or felony criminal charge isn't just about dealing with one bad decision or a tough night, but in understanding how the consequences of a DUI or criminal conviction might affect your ability to provide for your family and improve your life. A serious personal injury matter requires careful assessment to determine what would make you whole. An estate planning attorney must review more than just your current assets and family situation, but consider a holistic approach to guarding your family wealth and guidance in how to protect your assets in a way that helps your family thrive and sees your goals fulfilled.

Experienced Attorney in Long Beach, Southern California, Serving Long Beach, Los Angeles County, Orange County, and all other Southern California Courthouse.

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Attorney Long Beach Local Office

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