Business Law Litigation Attorney

Litigation Attorney Experience

Business Law Litigation attorney  Mr. Cosio has been retained by several business owners for various matters. Business services include but are not limited to, incorporating businesses, bulk sale transfers, net leases, vendor contracts, business litigation and employment issues. We also offer LLC drafting.   Serving Long Beach, LA County, and all Southern California Courthouses.

Contract Law Experience

Mr. Cosio previously taught contract law and business law for five years at college level. He utilizes his knowledge as a former professor when drafting and interpreting business contracts. He has drafted contracts for several businesses in both Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

Problems Businesses run into with Contract Law

Things do go wrong. Employees claim they are wrongfully terminated. Competitors unfairly compete using your proprietary information. Customers fail to pay. Products are defective. Contracts are breached. When problems cannot be resolved without litigation, our Business Law Litigation Attorneys have the experience to zealously represent your interests in court, before arbitrators, mediators, and before administrative hearing officers.

Legal Services For Small and Medium-size Businesses:

An abundance of legal issues can affect today’s small and medium-sized businesses. State and Federal laws and regulations permeate the workplace and affect how business is transacted. Our Business Law Litigation Attorneys help you economically navigate through these waters so that you can get down to business, without risking losing business along the way. We offer new clients a free initial consultation. We can help make your business a success and reduce your risk of loss.

Business Entity Formation:

Forming a New Business, Cosio & associates can help you navigate through multiple options with Affordable Prices. Filing for an EIN number in California can be a hassle.  Let us help take the hassle away from you.

   California corporation normally is a legal entity which exists separately from its owners. 




Limited Liability Company (LLC) …

Limited Partnership (LP) …

General Partnership (GP) …

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) …

Sole Proprietorship.

Cosio & Associates represent promoters and businesses in the formation of, and forms, business entities such as corporations, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, joint ventures. We provide legal advice concerning the ramifications of each type of entity and work with our clients to ensure that the entity chosen for their business will meet legal requirements and our client’s needs.

Business Legal Services:

The Law Office represents individuals and its business entities and provides documentation services for, business dissolutions, mergers, acquisitions, sales, purchases, trades, and assignments. We also draft business operation documentation such as minutes, by-laws, operating agreements, shareholders agreements, buy-sell agreements, pledge agreements, security agreements, asset purchase contracts, and notes. In addition, we draft certificates, applications, and other forms for filing and recordation with the appropriate government authorities.

Business Transactions:

The Law Offices represents clients in business transactions. We negotiate and draft business contracts including, but not limited to, stock purchase, security, dissolution, trade secret, independent contractor, requirements, sales, indemnity, release, construction, management, and loan agreements.

Employee Training and Complaint Investigations:

U.S. Supreme Court and California Appellate Court decisions make it clear that the proper policies concerning, and thorough investigations by outside counsel of, employee harassment and discrimination complaints, followed by appropriate discipline, can shield an employer from liability for wrongful termination, harassment and discrimination claims. The Law Office conducts harassment and discrimination training and employee complaint investigations.

Business Law Litigation Attorneys

Business Litigation:

The attorneys at The Law Offices of R. M. Anthony Cosio have extensive business litigation experience. We have successfully represented businesses and entrepreneurs in contract disputes, business tort cases, unfair competition litigation, collection matters, product liability actions and partnership disputes.

Business Owner Disputes:

During the life of a business, disputes often arise between members, partners, or shareholders. The Law Office represents business entities and their owners in involuntary dissolution actions, partnership disputes, business tort cases, fraud claims, accounting litigation, and shareholder actions. We also act as arbitrators for such disputes. Our extensive business background permits us to cut to the heart of economic issues in order to find inexpensive solutions to complex problems.

Arbitration and Mediation:

One of the problems facing business owners with legal disputes is the public nature of the Court system. Your competitors can gather information about your business operations from public court filings. Customers may be dissuaded from frequenting your business if there is public disclosure of claims of business impropriety. Private, non-judicial arbitration or mediation can frequently be used to less expensively resolve disputes and prevent adverse publicity for your business. The Law Offices represents businesses in arbitrations and mediations. Mr. Cosio has acted as a fee arbitrator for the Los Angeles County Bar Association since 1996.

Employment Litigation:

If an employee should file a wrongful termination lawsuit, or make a claim of discrimination or harassment, The Law Office is equipped to avidly defend your business. The Law Office also represents employees with claims against employers. Since we have represented both labor and management, we are in a unique position to anticipate the litigation tactics of your adversary.