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Drug Charges

 Experienced in both Drug Charge Attorney In Long Beach and Drug Charge Attorney LA Possession of Controlled Substance? Need a Drug Charge Attorney?

Drug charges are aggressively prosecuted and carry severe penalties. Just a few grams of some certain substances can result in years in prison.

Every drug crime has among the most aggressive sentencing guidelines in the criminal justice system, which is why it is essential you have a criminal lawyer with expertise in drug cases at your defense. The most common approach to a drug crime defense is to get the charges dismissed or substantially reduced without a trial. Pre-trial defense strategies usually center around the suppression or handling of evidence. This requires more than just knowledge of the law. It requires specific experience by a criminal lawyer in drug defense strategies.

Depending on whether charges are filed in State or Federal court, the penalties and sentences vary dramatically. In state court, the penal code sets out the sentencing ranges, although there are enhancements in most cases that may apply. In Federal court, sentencing is handled by the federal sentencing guidelines with departures both upward and downward will apply.

Areas of Expertise:

Possession, Cocaine, Sales, Marijuana, Transportation, Heroin, Manufacturing, Methamphetamine, Paraphernalia, and Steroids.

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