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Landlord/Tenant Litigation

Landlord Tenant Matters:

Mr. Cosio has handled landlord-tenant cases as an advocate representing either the landlord or the tenant. The defense for housing discrimination is also available for either the landlord or the tenant. HUD Section 8 litigation is also handled. If the need arises to take a case to trial, Mr. Cosio has a long history of prevailing for his clients in his capacity as a trial attorney.

Unlawful Detainer and Evictions:

Landlords know that tenants that fail to pay rent, but who remain in possession, render property unproductive and unmarketable. Anthony Cosio promptly takes the steps necessary to evict such tenants so that your property can once again become productive. In addition, the Law Offices of R. M. Anthony Cosio will pursue collection of past due rent and damages. There is no need to live with deadbeat tenants.

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