California Traffic Tickets


Fighting California Traffic Tickets

People often believe that a California traffic is no big deal because of the frequency of the act, and officers can react in a more laid back manner during routine traffic stops. Most people do not even consider their right or option to fight these tickets, resulting in just accepting the ticket, paying the fine, and complying with anything the court may order in regard to the offense such as traffic safety school. Just by paying a fine, you are not only admitting guilt with acceptance but also a conviction. This can affect your insurance rates and driving privileges. Even if you qualify for and accept traffic school, you’ve given up the chance for a dismissal, acquittal or supervision without a traffic school. 

Hiring a California traffic ticket attorney could make all the difference in your future.

Why hire a traffic ticket lawyer?

If you have been ticketed with a mandatory infraction that requires a court appearance, have been involved in a traffic accident or if you have been charged with driving while license is suspended,   it is in your best interests to get the representation of an experienced California traffic tickets attorney that you can fully trust. Our legal team has proven to be well-versed in traffic ticket defense- we can handle everything from DUI Defense to routine traffic infractions, helping protect the rights of Commercial Drivers. When you have this much on the line, you can’t afford to wait – call now.