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Admitted in California in 1991, member of the State Bar of California, the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the Long Beach Bar Association and the United States Supreme Court Bar Association.

R. M. Anthony Cosio is a general practitioner concentrating on several areas of law. Criminal Law Probate Law, Traffic Attorney He has his practice conveniently located in Long Beach, California with easy access to all courts in both Los Angeles and Orange Counties. (Attorney in Southern California) Cases range from Civil Litigation in all Southern California Courts; all aspects of Personal injury law; all aspects of Probate Law including Wills and Trust drafting and litigation; Chapter Seven Bankruptcy filings; all aspects of Business Litigation; and all aspects of Landlord/Tenant Litigation.  Mr. Cosio also handles all misdemeanor and felony Criminal cases from arraignment through trial.  He has tried serious felony cases in both Los Angeles and Orange Counties.  Appellate cases range from the Appellate Division of the Superior Court to the United States Supreme Court.



He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Operations under the Department of Engineering at San Jose State University in June 1977.  During his engineering studies, he also acquired his FAA private pilots license and Power Plant Mechanics rating after concurrently completing his airframe and power plant certification.  He also completed Officer Candidate School at Quantico, Virginia although he resigned his commission to attend Law School.  After completing his undergraduate studies he continued his post-graduate studies at the University of San Francisco where he interned for one semester at the Marin County Public Defender’s Office as a certified legal intern.  He received his Juris Doctor degree in June of 1980.  After completing law school, he commenced employment with Locheed Missile and Space Company in Sunnyvale, California as a Satellite Systems Engineer to pursue his aspiration to become a Mission Specialist.  While employed at Lockheed, he attended school at night to pursue his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Golden Gate University in San Francisco.  In 1983, he relocated to Southern California to join Martin Marietta Corporation as a Senior Satellite Integration Engineer.  In 1985, he left Martin Marietta and joined Ultra Systems in Irvine California as a Senior Satellite Simulations Engineer.  In 1985, he continued his graduate studies and received his MBA in Telecommunications Management from Golden Gate University. in 1987 he left engineering altogether and began teaching college-level courses at local colleges. Courses taught included Business Math, Telecommunication Tariffs, Business Law, Tariffs & Regulation, and Introduction to Computers.  In 1991, he was admitted to the California Bar and Began his law practice in Long Beach, California. In 1992 he resigned his teaching obligations and has practiced law full time until the present.


“In My Opinion One Of Californias Top Criminal Defense Attorneys”


Recent Big Verdict

Mr. Cosio has tried a wide range of cases before juries throughout Southern California.  Recently, he obtained a civil verdict in excess of 1.8 million dollars (See Verdict page).  In addition to trial work, Mr. Cosio has negotiated settlements through one-on-one conferences with opposing counsel; or through mediation involving several parties and their attorneys.  Mr. Cosio has also been instrumental in counseling clients as to what options are available to avoid litigation.  As a general practitioner, he can combine his expertise in several areas of the law to remedy a particular problem.  For example, a recent Probate case involved an easement/encroachment issue which surfaced during a Real Estate transaction with the adjoining landowner.  Mr. Cosio was capable of acquiring a restraining order to stop the encroachment modifications, filing an action for nuisance and drafting and recording an easement for the adjacent property owner to allow completion of the real estate transaction between his client and the buyer; all while acting as a mediator while the transaction was pending.


Very Active with Community Working to Help Everyone

Mr. Cosio is also an active advocate in his community.  He has performed volunteer services for over twenty years with the same community organization providing pro bono legal services on a monthly basis.  He has been on the Board of Directors for a charitable children’s organization for over thirteen years.  He has provided pro bono estate plans to terminally ill clients.   He has acted as a volunteer Arbitrator for the Los Angeles Bar Association for Attorney-Client fee disputes since 1996.  He is on the Probate Volunteer Panel (PVP) for the Los Angeles Superior Court.  Lastly, he has been House Counsel for an environmental foundation for the past ten years as well as numerous businesses and non-profits.